A Short Biography of Frida Kahlo

By author: Applewood Books
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Original publication year: 2017
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-According to Artnet in 2015, "The iconic Mexican painter has never been more popular." -Frida Kahlo's life story, filled with physical and emotional pain, is a fascinating one. She had polio as a child, was severely injured in a bus accident as a teenager, and had a tumultuous relatonship with Diego Rivera. Her pain is visible in her work. -Kahlo achieved celebrity in her brief lifetime (she died at 47), but has gone on to gain worldwide recognition as an inspiring figure whose image is recognized widely. -Kahlo's works are highly prized. In 2006, the sale of "Roots" for $5.62 million was the highest price ever paid for a Latin American work at auction. Ten years later, in 2016, her "Dos desnudos en el bosque (La tierra misma)" again broke the record for a Latin American work, selling for over $8 million. -The Short Biographies series offers beautiful little hardcover books at an attractive price point. The concise life stories are accessible to sophisticated young adults as well as adults.
Self-taught Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is internationally known for her dramatic, brightly colored, and imaginative works, filled with symbols from indigenous Mexican culture and religion. Her surreal depictions were described by Kahlo as a reflection of her reality, not her dreams. Married to famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera, Kahlo was influenced by both Rivera's art and their volatile marriage. Among Kahlo's most loved works are her numerous self-portraits, of which she said, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."

The Short Biographies series from Applewood's Benna Books imprint features short, intriguing, and entertaining biographies of world-renowned figures. Each beautiful hardcover book includes an interesting retelling of a single person's life, suitable for young adults and adults alike. These little gems will become beloved souvenirs of a favorite artist or a memorable trip to a museum.
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