New England's Cruel and Unusual Punishments

By author: Robert Cahill
Number of pages: 88
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Original publication year: 1994
ISBN: 978-0-9626162-9-7

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"People were burned at the stake in New England, and whipping was a common punishment. Hangings were gala affairs where food and drink was served, and pelting a neighbor who sat in the stocks with rocks and filth from the street was a weekly form of recreation. There were strict rules and regulations for all 17th and 18th centruy Pilgrims and Puritans -- and to break a rule might mean death. Yet, children, women and anyone of a different religion were treated quite cruelly, whether they broke the rules or not. Almost every New England family owned at least one black (and sometimes one white) slave prior to the Revolution, and the slave's fate was at the whim of his or her master. This book reveals some old and well-kept secrets that will surprise you."
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