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Quotations of William Jefferson Clinton

By author: William Jefferson Clinton
Number of pages: 32
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Original publication year: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-55709-065-2
Series: Great American Quote Books

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? President Clinton's words gave hope and inspiration to many as he led the country through its longest period of peacetime economic prosperity. ? Also includes concise biography of Clinton's life. ? Cover features portrait of the president and a facsimile signature in gold. ? Handsome hardcover edition makes a perfect gift. ? Part of Applewood's best-selling "Great American Quotations" series. ? Counter display rack is available.
William Jefferson Clinton was America's 42nd president and the first Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt to be elected to a second term. Bill Clinton presided over the longest period of peacetime economic prosperity in American history, balancing the federal budget and turning a deficit into a surplus. A gifted politician and an eloquent speaker, Clinton's words gave hope and inspiration to many. Collected here are nearly 100 of his finest quotations.
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