The Strange Likeness

Created by: Margaret Sutton   By authors: Kate Duvall, Beverly Hatfield   Illustrated by: Marjorie Sutton Eckstein
Number of pages: 240
Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches (US)
Original publication year: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4290-9321-7
Series: Judy Bolton

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? 38-Volumes in original series; this, #39, first published in 2012 ? Created by Margaret Sutton, written by Kate Duvall and Beverly Hatfield ? Feminist heroine ? Second most popular Girl series of all time after Nancy Drew ? Longest lasting and best selling juvenile series by an individual author
Back after 45 years, Margaret Sutton?s young detective, Judy Bolton, returns for her 39th mystery adventure. At the end of book #38, The Secret of the Sand Castle, the author gave the title of the next book in the series, The Strange Likeness. However, the series was canceled, and the promised book was not written?until now. Beloved author Margaret Sutton (1903?2001) published her first Judy Bolton mysteries in 1932. The original series continued until 1967, making it the longest-lasting juvenile series written by a single author. The books are noted not only for their engaging plots and thrilling stories, but also for their realism and social commentary. To many young girls Judy was an ideal role model?smart, capable, courageous, nurturing, and always unwavering in her core beliefs. Based on conversations with Margaret Sutton and her family, plus extensive research, coauthors Kate Duvall and Beverly Hatfield recreate the magic of Judy and her friends, who find themselves pursuing a criminal who resembles Judy?s husband. Courage and keen observation are Judy?s trademarks, and they prove her up to the task once again.
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