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By author: Antonia Felix
Number of Pages:  32
Dimensions:  4.3 X 6.8 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  2019
ISBN:  978-1-944038-69-4
Availability: In stock.

• Learn the source of RBG’s childhood nickname that family and friends still call her. (Her older sister named her "Kiki" because she was a kicky baby.) • RBG is an icon of equality and justice achieved through law. (She often refers to AWB’s The Constitution of the United States.) • AWB’s short biography is well-priced at $9.95, (This supports RBG’s decision to allow the work that she does to become well-known to a popular audience through her permission to allow mugs, tee shirts, dolls, and the moniker “Notorious RBG” become a part of mainstream conversation.) • The beautifully printed hard cover book is a perfect gift to anyone interested in history, law, civil rights, equality and justice, women’s studies and literature, and American icons.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg leads a life of ethics and grace. She is the super-hero of gender equality for both men and women. As the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States, she is anchoring American values in our lifetime. The Honorable Ginsburg is now one of three impressive women, fondly called The Supremes, on the bench. This biography takes the reader on the remarkable journey that has been Ginsburg’s life, one lived with determination, fearlessness, and clarity. Her love of her family shines through and is the fuel for her passion for justice and equality under the law.
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