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Compiled bys: Gail R. Stevens, Susie W. Smith   Introduction by: Jacqueline B. Williams
Number of Pages:  300
Dimensions:  5.5 X 8.5 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  1896
ISBN:  978-1-55709-574-9
Series:  Cooking in America
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Clever Cooking 1896, is Seattle's and Washington State's first cookbook. It is well written and contains many recipes that will appeal to twenty-first century cooks. As a bonus, essays titled, 'A Little Dinner,'‚ 'Chafing Dish,' 'Household Economy,' and 'How to Keep House Successful With One Servant‚'give a glimpse into upper class life at the end of the nineteenth century. This facsimile reprint of the original edition is issued with the cooperation of The Culinary Trust. Includes a new introduction by Jacqueline B. Williams."
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