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By author: Carl Sandburg
Number of Pages:  158
Dimensions:  5 X 7 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  0
ISBN:  978-1-4290-9529-7
Paperback / softback
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Winner of the 1919 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, Cornhuskers is an homage to America and the American midwest from one of the nation’s most acclaimed writers, Carl Sandburg. One hundred years after the book’s first publication, this 104-poem collection breathes life into our national past—honoring the prairie, the changing seasons, and the hard-working people of the heartlands.

Succinct and remarkably beautiful, these poems sing with a certain unencumbered honesty that both complicates and informs our understanding of the author’s midwestern wilderness. Sandburg, the “poet of the people” as he came to be so affectionately known, writes plainly and unpretentiously about the place that he had called home.

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