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We Are Here

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Edited by: Linsey Lee
Number of Pages:  344
Dimensions:  9 X 12 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  2005
ISBN:  978-0-9665253-5-9
Availability: In stock.

"More Vineyard Voices captures, for every reader, a vivid sense of what it was like just the day before yesterday on Martha's Vineyard. Interviews with and photos of seventy-seven Vineyarders recall life on a unique Island set against the earth-shaking events of the Twentieth Century: hard times during the Depression; impacts of World War II; the advent of the automobile, radio and television. It is the record of a diverse and vibrant people - fisherman, storeowners, teachers, farmers, businessmen, nurses, postmasters, lighthouse keepers, summer people and year-rounders. "
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