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By authors: Richard Saunders, Benjamin Franklin
Number of Pages:  28
Dimensions:  4 X 7 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  1733
ISBN:  978-1-55709-567-1
Availability: In stock.

Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack was first published in 1733. Facing heavy competition from similar publications, Franklin took the unusual and controversial approach of injecting witty, unexpected entries between standard tables of tides, planetary motion, weather predictions and other facts. In the debut edition, faithfully reproduced here, he included under the heading Principal Kings of Europe, "Poor Richard, an American Prince, without subjects, his wife being Viceroy over him, born October 23, 1684, age 49." The Almanack went on to become the most popular book of it's kind in colonial America and was published annually for the next 25 years. This facsimile offers a unique and entertaining look at 18th century American life and humor.
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