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We Are Here

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By author: Ed Shankman   Illustrated by: Dave O'Neill
Number of Pages:  32
Dimensions:  10 X 10 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  2009
ISBN:  978-1-933212-78-4
Series:  Shankman & O'Neill
Availability: In stock.

• Charming rhymes and colorful illustrations • Learn about favorite Cape Cod towns • The latest in a successful children's series
"The team who brought grins to young readers with ""The Boston Balloonies"" and ""I Met a Moose in Maine"" have created a third charmer about a family of codfish and their friends. According to Shankman's rhyming narrative: The Cods of Cape Cod / Love their summer vacation, / And though they could go / Anywhere in the nation, / They keep coming back / To their favorite location, / 'Cause they know that Cape Cod's / A vacation sensation! The Cods of Cape Cod / Have a house on the beach, / And it's just the right size, / With a fish tank for each. . . . To this colorful fish-friendly house come the Cods' many fishy friends, shrimp comes from Sandwich, bass from Mashpee, swordfish from Chatham, and so on. And boy, do they know how to have fun! "
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