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By author: Robert J. McWhirter
Number of Pages:  68
Dimensions:  7 X 10 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  2017
ISBN:  978-1-945682-06-3
Paperback / softback
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1. Important: Cluster of rights designed to make criminal prosecution accurate, fair and legitimate. Guarantees right to legal counsel and speedy trial by open and impartial jury. 2. Timely: Right to trial by jury is today much challenged in the world of “the vanishing jury” where 95% of defendants plead guilty, usually in exchange for a plea bargain for leniency. Some legal experts believe this practice renders criminal justice “opaque and impenetrable to non-lawyers” and is against the intent of the 6th amendment. 3. Author is a constitutional lawyer, teacher and TV commentator 4. Unique approach that links argument to popular culture--films, TV, sports and current affairs
The Sixth Amendment guarantees the accused notice of the accusation, a court and witnesses for the defense. Something we take for granted today. But in writing the Sixth Amendment the drafters of the Bill of Rights were drawing on their knowledge of history and politics from ancient times, through the development of English common law, and its application in the British colonies. In this book you will find what that history was, who the actors in it were, and how our brilliant Founders used that knowledge to underpin their work. This lively account is written for the interested citizen, as well as the civics student. Along the way there are surprising, and interesting, discursions into how the events and personalities surrounding the Sixth Amendment have appeared in literature, film, sports and popular culture. The book is part of a collection chronicling the origins, history, and interpretation, of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution – the Bill of Rights.
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