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Edited by: Mitch Yamasaki
Number of Pages:  110
Dimensions:  5.3 X 8 Inches (US)
Original publication year:  1970
ISBN:  978-1-932663-14-3
Series:  Perspectives on History
Availability: In stock.

Through a collection of original source documents and the words of those who lived through it, The Vietnam War gives insight into the historic background and events leading to American involvement and escalation of the war. Professor Mitch Yamasaki examines the major interpretations of how and why the U.S. became involved, what it hoped to accomplish, and how a poorly armed guerilla army thwarted U.S. efforts. Carefully selected materials highlight the forces that led to President Johnson's dilemma, the country's deep divisions over the war, and the ongoing reexamination of the Vietnam War.
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