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David Middleton

David Middleton

David Middleton is a full-time professional outdoor photographer and writer. During his 25-year-career, David has photographed and written 10 books, including Ancient Forests, American Vision, The Photographer’s Guide series, The Nature of America, and The Nature of Vermont. His photography and writing are regularly found in national and international magazines, books and calendars. David is a Contributing Editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, and the Executive Director of the Photographers Alliance Workshops company. David has led more than 150 photography tours and taught more than 200 photography workshops across the country. He is a gifted and enthusiastic teacher who finds great joy helping others discover their creative potential. Every year he views and critiques thousands of images and teaches hundreds of photography students. David circled back to Vermont ten years ago and now lives on an old dairy farm in the quaint village of Danby.