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James Robert Carroll

James Robert Carroll

James Robert Carroll has been a journalist for more than four decades, working for news organizations in Ohio, Massachusetts and California before arriving in Washington in 1983. He has covered nearly every conceivable subject in the nation's capital, first for Knight-Ridder Newspapers and then for The Louisville Courier-Journal and Gannett Newspapers. He currently is Washington bureau chief for Capital News Service at the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Among other honors, Carroll has won several awards from the National Press Club, the National Press Foundation and the Society of Professional Journalists. Carroll's work has taken him to nearly every state and to many nations, from Israel to China. He has appeared on MSNBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, C-SPAN, Sirius XM's POTUS Channel, and Fox and is a regular contributor to Bloomberg News. His articles also have appeared in USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times. In addition, Carroll is the author of The Real Woodrow Wilson: An Interview with Arthur S. Link, Editor of the Wilson Papers. Carroll has had a long interest in American presidents, dating from his youth as a volunteer in presidential campaigns in the 1960s. As a reporter in Washington, he has covered every presidency since Ronald Reagan's as well as the candidacies of many would-be presidents. Ireland likewise has been an abiding passion. He has visited the nation many times and has written news and travel stories from Ireland for American newspapers and has reported from Washington on Irish affairs. He and his wife, Carol Vernon, have two daughters, Fiona and Brenna, and live in Alexandria, Virginia.