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Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers

Signers of the Constitution, in order with name and sending state: 1 George Washington; Virginia 2 George Read; Delaware 3 Gunning Bedford, Jr.; Delaware 4 John Dickinson; Delaware 5 Richard Bassett; Delaware 6 Jacob Broom; Delaware 7 James McHenry; Maryland 8 Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer; Maryland 9 Daniel Carroll; Maryland 10 John Blair; Virginia 11 James Madison Jr.; Virginia 12 William Blount; North Carolina 13 Richard Dobbs Spaight; North Carolina 14 Hugh Williamson; North Carolina 15 John Rutledge; South Carolina 16 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney; South Carolina 17 Charles Pinckney; South Carolina 18 Pierce Butler; South Carolina 19 William Few; Georgia 20 Abraham Baldwin; Georgia 21 John Langdon; New Hampshire 22 Nicholas Gilman; New Hampshire 23 Nathaniel Gorham; Massachusetts 24 Rufus King; Massachusetts 25 William Samuel Johnson; Connecticut 26 Roger Sherman; Connecticut 27 Alexander Hamilton; New York 28 William Livingston; New Jersey 29 David Brearley; New Jersey 30 William Paterson; New Jersey 31 Jonathan Dayton; New Jersey 32 Benjamin Franklin; Pennsylvania 33 Thomas Mifflin; Pennsylvania 34 Robert Morris; Pennsylvania 35 George Clymer; Pennsylvania 36 Thomas Fitzsimons; Pennsylvania 37 Jared Ingersoll; Pennsylvania 38 James Wilson; Pennsylvania 39 Gouverneur Morris; Pennsylvania